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≫Design development of the trial product needs absolute speed correspondence.Our company undertakes the small lot order,such as one product …

≫Our prime business is the manufacture of a precision plastic product.The maker's product development needs a accuracy and proposal.…

≫Eco-Weldless-Mold can realize the weldless-molding, the thin-wall molding, and high-transcription-molding....

  E.S.Sprue Bush
≫E.S.Sprue Bushing is our
original expertise which applied
the technology of
Eco Weldless Mold..

≫We adhere to deliver the good-quality items.We guarantee the quality and accuracy which are demanded by the sevral mesurement equipment...

≫Our company is the economic organization that engages in business activities for the purpose of making a financial profit, and aime to be the ...

Head office: 3-3-5,Tennodai, Abiko-shi, Chiba-ken Tel:04(7183)6100
Trial mold-quick delivery/Precise Plastic Products/Design Development Support

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